Purpose & Scope

我们深入关心平行[1]。在我们所做的一切中,我们Keep it Human[2]:我们实践移情,listen (like, really listen), maintain compassion, and have open, real conversations. This (and so much more) is what it is to be a Benchmate. Our commitment is to consciously build a work environment that fosters leadership, growth, and impact for all Benchmates—let's call it our “Respectful Workplace”. In being this way, we are committed to creating a work environment that is free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, and violence of any kind.

1个是一个有限的人士包括10张员工,董事和承包商的10张服务公司,(根据名称工作台行事),以及与Bench Compuleing,Inc。合同的独立承包商vwin国际在线平台

2 Check out our principles in the板凳文化指南

The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidelines for:

1.How to uphold our Principles to maintain aRespectful Workplace并呼出Inappropriate Behaviorthat we do not stand for.

2.How to respond when we experience or observeInappropriate Behaviour这样我们就可以采取行动来消除它。

3.Learning and growth opportunities for those who engage inInappropriate Behavior, and to spread the principles embodied in ourRespectful Workplace在长凳和超越。如果这是不可能的,我们可能需要更加严重的行动来保护我们的Respectful Workplace.

Our尊重的工作场所政策includes how Benchmates interact with each other as well as how clients and other external parties interact with Benchmates and vice versa. This Policy covers work-related interactions between Benchmates and with our clients and other external parties whether they occur on Bench premises, online, or at off-site work-related functions. Additionally, we may take into account and review allegations of behavior that occur outside the course of employment, to the extent permitted by law, where we determine such conduct is not aligned to the spirit of ourRespectful Workplace.

What is Inappropriate Behavior?

At Bench, you will be supported by those around you. And in turn, we support those around us. It’s part of living out our Be Responsible principle. When we hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable for our actions, we collectively Take A Stand for our Respectful Workplace. We hold ourselves to a high standard and expect our workplace interactions to be respectful. We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, harassment, violence, or any Inappropriate Behavior of any kind. Inappropriate Behavior are actions, statements, or ways of being which are not aligned to the actions which create our Respectful Workplace. The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but should help you understand what types of conduct we consider Inappropriate Behavior:

Personal Harassment

We retain a human approach in everything we do, at every level of the business. That includes how we interact with Benchmates, clients, vendors, couriers, cleaning staff, and everyone else we come into contact with at Bench. We take action that lifts others up, and create the space for others to do the same for us. Personal Harassment includes comments, displays, actions, or gestures by a Benchmate, client, or external stakeholder towards another that are known (or ought reasonably to be known) to cause offence, humiliation, or intimidation. It is not aligned with how we show up in our Respectful Workplace. This conduct can be repetitive or it can be a single occurrence that has a lasting, harmful effect.

Examples of conduct that may constitute Personal Harassment include:

  • Verbal: derogatory comments, slurs, gossip, ridicule, yelling, offensive jokes, abusive comments
  • 视觉的:海报,漫画,图纸,手势或展示,服装,笔记,包括威胁或歧视内容的电子邮件
  • Physical:不受欢迎的联系,阻止运动,身体虐待或伤害,破坏长凳或个人财产
  • 威胁或要求: suggestions or statements that imply certain conduct needs to be accepted or engaged in in order to protect their safety, employment, or the benefits of a position
  • 欺凌: intentional, persistent attempts to intimidate, demean, torment, control, mentally or physically harm, or isolate another person

歧视性骚扰& Unfair Treatment


歧视性骚扰是一种针对某人或一组的骚扰,基于他们的个人特征。个人特征包括 - 但不仅限于种族,国家或种族来源,颜色,宗教,年龄,性别,性取向,性别认同或表达,婚姻状况,家庭状况,残疾,遗传特征,自我表达,以及信念赦免已被授予或暂停记录。

Unfair Treatmentencompasses institutionalized discrimination. It is discrimination that presents as patterned inactivity or neglect and on the basis of Personal Characteristics.


  • Offensive remarks
  • Racist or other discriminatory language, slurs, derogatory comments and stereotypes
  • Telling racist, sexist, ethnic, or other discriminatory jokes that are embarrassing or offensive in nature
  • 基于个人特征的威胁或虐待
  • The posting, display, or distribution of cartoons, posters, graffiti, books or pamphlets aimed at a particular person or group of people based on Personal Characteristics

Examples of Unfair Treatment may include:

  • Being overlooked for learning and development opportunities, role promotions, compensation increases, and/or other growth opportunities otherwise afforded colleagues in similar positions as yourself
  • 在会议和讨论中始终被排除,忽略或沉默
  • 与自己的相似位置的同事留下偏袒,这一直排除你
  • Being consistently singled out for certain tasks or responsibilities that make assumptions about your Personal Characteristics rather than your capabilities. (This example is intended to highlight stereotypes with positive intent but harmful impacts, like believing women are better at note-taking, providing emotional counsel or a nurturing environment, performing domestic tasks, etc.)


Bench is a concentrated group of smart, ambitious people. And smart, ambitious people often like other smart, ambitious people. We do not intend to constrain consensual relationships. But there are ways of being that we do not stand for which fall outside of consensual social interactions.

性骚扰is a type of harassment that includes any unwelcome comment, gesture, or contact of a sexual nature, and any conduct that reasonably leads to the perception that a condition of a sexual nature is being placed on a Benchmate’s employment, work status, or opportunities at Bench.

The following are examples of specific conduct that may constitute Sexual Harassment:

  • 不受欢迎的性进步,例如性暗示书写或口头通信或淫秽手势
  • 不需要的身体接触或物理接触,如触摸,按摩,抓住,不必要地关闭在或附近悬停或ogling
  • 在他们表明他们不感兴趣的时候一再询问另一名员工
  • Displays of pornographic or sexually explicit or suggestive pictures or drawings
  • 参考或呼唤一个人的性暗示名称讲述性笑话或使用性粗俗或明确的语言质疑某人关于他们的性生活

    当我们说,这项政策并不打算供需关系in consensual social interactions. But please keep in mind that though your intimate communication or gesture may be acceptable to one person, it could also make others around you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Bench’s Responsibility

这是每个平方统,客户和外部利益相关者遵守这一政策的责任。在这样做,我们创造了我们尊重的工作场所 - 它的一部分是我们的负责任的原则。

  • It is the responsibility of all Benchmates to: Lead by example
  • 不搞不恰当的行为and, if safe to do so, help stop it when it occurs
  • 立即报告:
    • Their direct manager, The People Team[3] or Legal any complaints or concerns that they have or become aware of concerning Inappropriate Behavior from a Benchmate toward another
    • The Client Success Team of any complaints or concerns that they have or become aware of concerning Inappropriate Behavior from a client or external stakeholder toward a Benchmate
  • Cooperate in any investigation
  • 对任何事件的任何调查或知识保持机密性,并且有助于履行您的责任报告任何事件,协助任何调查并执行任何后续行动

It is the responsibility of all clients and external stakeholders of Bench to:

  • 不搞不恰当的行为
  • 向长凳客户成功团队向客户或外部利益相关者报告不当行为的事件

3 The Head of People, the Manager of People and Performance, and the Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are designated to receive this information.

How Inappropriate Behavior is Reported and Addressed

We are committed to taking action that fosters and upholds our Respectful Workplace. This includes addressing instances of Inappropriate Behavior. The processes we follow to address Inappropriate Behavior by a Benchmate and by a client or external stakeholder are:

Inappropriate Behavior between Benchmates

Step 1.If you encounter Inappropriate Behavior, other than violent behavior, from a fellow Benchmate, let that person know that the conduct is unwelcome. Only do this if you are comfortable expressing your objection directly.

第2步。If you do not feel comfortable expressing an objection directly or if the conduct persists, promptly report the conduct to your manager. Only do this if you are comfortable expressing your objection to your manager. Depending on the nature and severity of the alleged conduct, your manager may first try to resolve the issue informally.

Step 3.If you do not feel comfortable expressing an objection to your manager or if the conduct persists, promptly report the conduct to the People Team. Only do this if you are comfortable expressing your objection to the People Team. You can share your objection verbally, in writing, or using our opt-out anonymous reporting line [4,5,6].

Step 4.If you do not feel comfortable expressing your objection to the People Team, promptly report the conduct to Legal.

If you experience violence from another Benchmate, report the incident to the police and when safe, please advise your Manager, the People Team and/or Legal, as applicable in your discretion given the circumstances.


The above procedure and any investigation carried out are intended to be flexible in order to respond to the specific circumstances at issue. We may engage in a different procedure if it better upholds the spirit of our Respectful Workplace and this Policy.

We cannot say it enough—creating our Respectful Workplace really matters. Benchmates who engage in Inappropriate Behavior or conduct that is not aligned with the spirit of fostering a Respectful Workplace will be subject to disciplinary action. This includes false allegations[7] and retaliation against a person for reporting an incident under this Policy. The action we take will be commensurate with the degree of seriousness of the Inappropriate Behavior —this includes discussion or training to more severe outcomes such as immediate termination of employment.

4 The anonymous reporting line这里.
5 Objections are only accessible by the Head of People, the Manager of People and Performance, and the Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Inappropriate Behavior between a Benchmate and a Client or External Stakeholder

Step 1.If you encounter Inappropriate Behavior from a client or external stakeholder, you should report the incident to the Client Success Team by submitting an Inappropriate Client Behavior ticket in Salesforce. When this case is created, Client Success Leadership will be notified and the case will be assigned to a Retention Team member.

第2步。If the Client Success Team determines that the Inappropriate Behavior was a first time occurence and not overt, the client will be personally addressed about the incident and provided an opportunity to learn, and change their behavior.

Step 3.如果客户成功团队决定了不当行为是由同一客户或公开的重复发生,客户成功领导力将审查该案件并确定行动方案,这可能包括将该人作为替补席(Bench Client [8])。


The above procedure and any investigation carried out are intended to be flexible in order to respond to the specific circumstances at issue. We reserve the right to engage in a different procedure as deemed appropriate in any given circumstance.

8 Bench is committed to completing any outstanding work and to providing the client with access to their records. Any further relationship with Bench will be terminated at that point.
9 All reports will be entirely anonymous, containing no distinguishing information about the Benchmate, client, or external stakeholder.

Our work here isn’t done.

Cultivating a Respectful Workplace is an ongoing initiative, and will be a Bench-wide effort. That means we want to hear from you. If you have feedback or questions about anything in this policy, please reach out directly to the People Team or our DEI Manager.

说话不舒服吗?通过我们的匿名报告线取得联系这里. Any feedback we receive will remain confidential, and will inform future policies and training.